Customer Planning

Guarantee that your customer plans are relevant implementable!

  • Develop pro-active forward thinking customer plans
  • Mature framework that gives you oversight on you customer management activities
  • Provides a common thread through the organisation on how customer projects get delivered

STARs Customer Planning tool brings new thinking to the area of customer planning. We work proactively with you to develop and implement customer plans that make the most out of your resources. The Customer Planning tool takes you through a winning process;

  • Value Framework
    Understand new customer acquisition innovation, customer retention, value added services, quality and service and cost management.
  • Decision maker mapping
    Map who are the key decision makers within each customer and learn how to target them effectively
  • Action Implementation
    Turn your customer plan into a deliverable structure
  • Numbers
    Understand the data that sits behind the planning process
  • Review & Measurement
    Know how effective your plans are so you can make the right business decisions based on real data, this allows you to plan more effectively in the future and switch off under-performing plans quicker

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