‘Inside –out’ capability assessment

Improve Customer Experience by developing the right competencies

  • Understand your customer management capabilities
  • Develop a 3 year plan for improving your customer management
  • Build long term, profitable relationships with the right customers

Developing the right plan to improve customer experience is a complicated proposition. The ‘inside out’ assessment looks at your competencies in good practice customer management. You will have access to a leading benchmark, so you can easily see how you match up to your competition. The benefits this helps you achieve are;

  • Build longer term, profitable relationships with your customers
  • Understand where the gaps are in your customer management teams
  • Develop your key customers
  • Gain more insight into customer issues
  • Develop a realistic change management plan


Situation brief

Following the acquisition of Luvata by the Nordic Capital group a thorough review of the business was executed. This resulted in ambitious growth objectives of + 10% top line growth accompanied by margin improvement to step change bottom line profit performance. A key to allowing the achievement of the company objectives is an improvement in the organisation’s customer management – Luvata people were technical experts with positive and long standing customer relationships but needed to sharpen their commercial skills as customers evolved to more procurement/financially based decision making.

Task given to STAR

Luvata wanted a globally implemented “customer management programme” in order to capture the value being created within the production and operations elements of the value chain, through enhanced customer management. This augmented their LEAN programme and procurement academy.

Action taken

The first critical phase of our programme was all about customer management insight, understanding our development start point. Luvata is a large and complex business spanning many markets and divisions and we were aware that previous attempts at “one size fits all” solutions had failed. We simply had to understand the organisation – its people, products, systems, customer base and challenges – before we could develop development road maps. Using the STAR Customer Management Assessment [ SCMA ] methodology we assessed the customer management operations across; Asia, Americas and Europe. Using the SCMA model we assessed all of the business units by region, against 333 good practice standards of customer management, a peer group of companies and highest / lowest within each section.


The process follows a structured process that blends qualitative and quantitative research methodology as follows,



Each business unit working against a development road map prioritised into:
Quick wins, Big prizes and Strategic Initiatives.
Divisional development indicators that allow a divisional approach to customer management development initiatives particular to the division and industry.
Group adoption of the process through in-house resourcing and ‘champion led wave two benchmarking. Indicative return on investment of 15:1.

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