‘Outside in’ relationship quality assessment

Do you know which customers are likely defectors?

  • Go beyond simple NPS™ metrics to build a detailed view of your Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ™)
  • Multi-lingual support for multi-national organisations
  • Get reports that drill down to contact and Account Manager level

Deep-Relationship NPS™ goes beyond the basic NPS metric to provide you with a detailed understanding of your customers. Our tool deploys a census of all the contacts in your database providing detailed, relationship level reports. The data helps our customers focus on the relationships they need to build, and, which relationships are wasting time. The reports can drill down to account manager level, so managers know who’s performing and who needs more development. This helps organisations get the most out of their most valuable resource, their staff.

The core benefits of this are;

  • Understand which customers are likely to defect to a competitor
  • Understand what the Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ™) is like for any surveyed account
  • Help organisations to manage Account Managers effectively

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