You’re telling us ‘STAR is very, very different’

Kerry Feedback

We are delighted to be receiving such positive feedback from six current Champion-led Academies. Here is just a flavour of these Academy reviews:

‘It’s not training actually you’re giving us, it’s more like work clinics where we plan and practice for current challenges’

‘Being a Champion on the STAR Academy is the most inspiring thing I have done for this business; I know it’s making a big difference for our Company and in my leadership impact’

‘The materials are so tailored to our business it’s helping my teams embrace real change’

‘Your pitch to us was very, very different to the other Companies. Then the Champion’s retreat was a game-changer for me and for my colleagues’ 

‘We run training programmes all over the World. The feedback average of 96.76% for the Customer Management Academy is 4.5% higher than any other learning programme we’ve ever run’

‘Your energy is infectious and the content new and fresh’

‘I think what STAR do is win over the cynics like me! I turned up for day 1 thinking this will be the same old stuff and I must admit I learnt more in the first 4 hours than I have in the past 30 years’ 

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