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This was a great week for STAR consultants Amanda Downs and Mark Francis as they had the pleasure of working with Yahoo’s EMEA market research team.

The workshop was a practice-rich event based on ‘Presenting with Impact’ and held in Yahoo’s new London Headquarters in Shaftesbury Avenue. Amanda commented:

‘There’s a special energy in Yahoo’s team, an energy to learn, to entertain and to inspire’.

The workshop, which lasted two-days, is based on the guidebook and film and included rehearsing the main elements of a key presentation each member of the team is about to make.

Paul Hardcastle who will have been in the research team with Yahoo for ten years this August commented, ‘It’s great to see how much can be achieved in just a couple of days in a subject which has previously not been a key focus in my role. I know what I need to do now to continue to enhance my impact in ‘one to many’ presentations’

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