Bunge are global leaders in the trading, refining and marketing of fats and oils with many household name brands across multiple markets.

Situation brief

The ability to buy and sell fats/oils effectively is core to Bunges existence – they need to have people capable of buying better, selling better and negotiating better than their competitors if they are to survive.

The issue Bunge face is that many other businesses are looking for similar skillsets and hence there is a real shortage of highly skilled young traders. Bunge Danube Region made the brave decision to GROW THEIR OWN talent pool of young traders by developing graduate entrants and asked STAR to provide the necessary commercial skills training. Task given to STAR Develop a programme that can fast track talent development within the pool of young trader graduate entrants.

Action taken

We first understood the current challenges and likely future changes to be faced by the trading team by working alongside the Bunge traders.

Next, in conjunction with Bunge HR we developed a combined two year programme including significant on-the-job training with a series of training interventions.

Our programme was designed for high impact and hence had significant self study material prior to every workshop and was endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management as being of the highest quality.

The young traders begin their new role and commence internal shadowing of experienced staff before entering formal training. Approximately one month prior to each workshop the delegate receives a significant pre-learning pack including introductory DVD, detailed guidebook and toolkit to the topic being studied. Delegates are expected to immerse themselves in the topic prior to classroom study.

Our two day workshops focus on skill development through practice and are high energy events.

Our commercial skill interventions are shown below :

0-6 months : Sell, Present,Influence and Persuade
7-12 months : Negotiate [ base ], manage self/others/projects
13-18 months : Manage customer growth, personal impact
19-24 months : Advanced Negotiation, Winning Tenders


Bunge are successfully developing an outstanding team of highly motivated young traders who they believe will drive significant competitive advantage in coming years.

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