A global business operating in 32 markets, Harsco specialises in construction services and industrial maintenance services

Situation brief

The STAR Commercial Academy has worked on two separate projects for Harsco; one for the Global CTO and the other on European commercial strategy development for Steelphalt.

Task given to STAR

In 2012, Geoff Raisbeck Head of CTO deployment, asked STAR to help him reflect the impact his global team were having as internal consultants. Their approach centred on the philosophy of ‘discover, develop, deploy’

Action taken

1. We ran a team effectiveness workshop to create individual roadmaps.
2. We shared and agreed team roles and responsibilities and their dependencies with key regional Heads
3. We developed a stronger stakeholder communication Plan.
4. We created a collective influencing plan
5. We established a buddy system for on-going development


The team conducted a formal progress review at the beginning of this year and highlighted:

Better discovery of resource recovery challenges across the Group
Better use of the right technology for key project engineered solutions
More evidence of multiple application of cross geographical solutions

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