Mylan UK are one of the leading UK manufactures and suppliers of generic pharmaceuticals. They are part of a global company headquartered in North America.

They operate within all sectors of the UK pharmaceuticals market.

Situation brief

Customer management is fragmented, short term and tactical. Our presence within some channels is over representative, while within others we are under represented.

Task given to STAR

Provide a start point and directional road map for customer management development.

Action taken

Worked with a sample group of the commercial team, interviewed all levels and functions and undertook a document review. We then interviewed key customers to gain their input into the process. We used our customer management software model to manage the data inputs. Based upon our findings and scoring against ‘good practice’ customer management we developed: A comprehensive report Board level presentation


A ‘clear stake in the ground’ start point for CM development. Board ‘buy-in’ and agreement. Recommendations covering all aspects of the CM model An implementation road map , focused on quick wins, big prizes and strategic initiative Early recognition from key customer partners of a change in the customer management dynamic. A balancing of the customer base Double digit value growth.

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