Twinings is known the world over as high quality premium tea. Ovomaltine a premium malt beverage, shares global success alongside the Twinings tea brand.

Situation brief

Help us to start the development of a common way of working and ‘good practice sharing’ for the way we manage our distributors across the world.

Task given to STAR

We worked closely with the senior leadership team to develop an interactive forum for the distributor management teams from key regions and markets around the world.

Action taken

Over a two day period we worked interactively, sharing the twinning’s/Ovo way, identified good practice , explored in-house case studies and undertook Q&A surgeries on distributor management and development.

The start of the story ~ choosing to work together
The Principals ~ Distributor Management Architecture
The role of data , information, knowledge and insight
Value chain and margin structure
Distributor relationship
Dynamics Managing Performance


A network and platform for sharing good practice.
A global standard introduced socialised and work shopped with the team.
Key areas identified for focus and follow up in the 2014 forum.

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